Singapore’s bravest boy Amos Yee has been sentenced to 6 weeks’ jail after he pleaded guilty to 6 charges for wounding the religious feelings of Christian and Muslims on 29 Sep.

Additionally, he was ordered to pay a fine of $2,000 for failing to turn up at a police station to give his statement even though two notices had been sent.

The Principal District Judge Ong Hian Sun noted that the 17 year old had the mental capacity to make rational choices in the way he conduct himself. The judge added that Amos Yee had “deliberately elected to do harm by using offensive and insulting words and profane gestures to hurt the feelings of Christians and Muslims”.

The teenage blogger had undermined religious harmony in Singapore with the his “contemptuous and irreverent remarks”. Such a behaviour should not be condoned or tolerated.

Judge Ong hoped that the sentencing would deter Amos Yee from committing the same offence. Previously, Amos Yee was sentenced to 4 weeks jail in July 2015 for the same offence. Amos Yee spent about 50 days in prison after breaching bail conditions repeatedly.

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