Public prosecutors said in Court that convicted PRC swindler Yang Yin was guilty of committing crimes against widow Chung Khin Chun, 5 Government agencies and many other individuals and businesses. For misappropriating $1.1 million from the wealthy widow Mdm Chung and 120 other charges, DPP Nicholas Tan urged the Court to impose a heavy 10 to 12 year jail term on top of another 3 year jail term.

DPP Nicholas Tan said:

“This is a foreign national who has spent almost his entire five years in Singapore either offending or preparing to offend, instead of being productive, Yang was prolific in generating a compendium of false documentation.”

“Yang displayed extraordinary brazenness in offending and had no qualms in conjuring up an entire business … (creating) an entire fiction, inventing customers, revenues and salaries from thin air.”

“This is the character of Yang’s stay in Singapore. Although this epic tale is nearly at its conclusion, in this final chapter we still see a lack of genuine remorse … I’m hard-pressed to find even a single indication of compunction, of regret, for what he has done.”

During his 5 years in Singapore, in his attempts to illicitly obtain Singapore Permanent Residency, Yang fooled five Government agencies – Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, Central Provident Fund Board, Ministry of Manpower and Immigration & Checkpoints Authority.

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