Friends, Scoot is gone. I was lugging my gear down to the carpark today and scoot was not at the lot (Deck 1A, Lot 20) I last parked it at. In fact, it wasn’t anywhere in the multi-storey carpark. No trace.

Stolen, I’m afraid. If you happen to see it anywhere – as seen in the pictures, it’s a dark blue Vespa – please run to it, guard it, sit on it (the main stand is very stable, don’t worry), and call me at 988zero4429. Alternatively, call the police.

In human years, Scoot is 32 years old. In scooter years, it’s 80. Sure, it has its quirks and eccentricities. (Like many humans), it’s not the most reliable. Recently, the engine’s more prone to fail in the midst of riding or at traffic light junctures. But it has always stayed where I left it – on road shoulders, pedestrian paths, at flyover rain shelters…

Since 2008, old Scoot has become a noun, verb and (even grown to become) part of my identity. We’ve been very recognisable on Singapore roads, friends sometimes leave post-it notes for me on it… To say the least, we’ve been through a lot. So it will be a real bummer if Scoot’s gone for real.

I’ve just launched a police report. Hopefully they find something on the surveillance cams (I don’t know, I think the lot is in a blindspot). Hopefully they find Scoot soon. Also missing is the white helmet Cash Kee bought for me. Meanwhile, please help keep a lookout! PS: And to the thief, the last image is for ya.

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