A 22 year old man was convicted of molesting and outraging the modesty of his two sisters, aged 15 and 19.

On 16 July, his 15 year old sister was sleeping when she felt someone touch her right breast. When she opened her eyes, she was shocked to see her brother in her room, naked. Immediately, she shouted at him, telling him to leave the room.

He apologised and left the room. That very afternoon, the elder sister called the police to report the incident.

It was not the first time that the brother had outraged the modesty of his sisters.

A few days before he touched his younger sister, he had exposed himself to her in their home. He claimed he felt sexually aroused after drinking. He then stripped naked and went into the kitchen and asked her to touch him.

Subsequent investigations revealed that he had touched the elder sister in a similar manner two years ago. He touched her breasts when she was sleeping.

The man was not represented by a lawyer. He told the court that he had made many mistakes and regretted them.

He also said that he was remorseful, and was prepared to accept the punishment meted out.

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