The PAP has just announced the appointment of ex paper general Ngien Hoon Ping as CEO of LTA with effect from 12 November. CNA Coincidentally or not, Ngien will be taking over another ex paper general, CEO Chew Men Leong. All in the family – brothers in arms.

Just before Chew could contribute to our screwed up MRT system, out he goes to the ‘private sector’. Chew has been CEO for only 2 years. What Chew really means is he will be joining a government-linked company and earning millions in tax dollars.

Under the PAP, scholars and former paper generals are so talented that they are in demand by every stat board and GLCs. Top management positions are open to them. Anytime. 25/7.

Under Chew’s leadershit, our MRT system has become more unreliable and commuters don’t really know when they will be played out by another major disruption. But as usual, nothing negative was reported in the MSM. Kosong!

Chew must have picked up lessons on opacity from his political masters when he gave LTA the green light to conceal train cracks found on 35 China-made trains. Fortunately, Factwire, a Hong Kong news agency, managed to uncover the facts and disclosed the cover up. It was only after the public outrage that LTA decided to come clean.

But scholar Chew, and also other scholars, never had any guts to own up to any ‘mistakes’. Instead, MOT Minister Khaw tried to defend LTA in his usual cock talking manner; but by assuming citizens were born yesterday, Khaw caused even more public outrage. Truth be said, Chew is not resigning but is being “resigned” by his political masters because our MRT system is now in worse shape, 2 years after he was appointed CEO.

As for ex paper general Ngien, one should expect his performance to be on par with his predecessors or worse as our population heads towards 6.9 million. Ngien should have known that an MRT system designed for a much lower population will continue to fail commuters.

Ngien has merely agreed to be a punching bag for because he knows that after his service to his political masters, like Chew, he will be earning big bucks at a GLC.

Third sentence below Chew’s image, ‘leadershit’ should have read ‘leadership’. I apologise for the error.

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