Dear A.S.S,

I might just be a 15 year old student here, but everyone do aware that there’s this new app called “Bigo” . Bigo is normally used for making friends and everything , but it can also be used for sexual activities . Today , I had entered quite a few of bigo live show and there are some perverters who want the to find some “Entertainment” for them . I tried to stop the ladies from following their orders (stripping, showing ,remove bra…etc) and I did attempt to stop those perverters to stop hurting the girls, but instead, it does not work .

I believe everyone is aware that Bigo has an recent update that the Moderator of Bigo will ban the user from making video if he or she is having an sexual activities conducted in the video . Some of the innocent girls get banned thanks to the perverters. Even though some Innocent girls get banned from Bigo , these perverters do not give up and instead they go on and find more of the prey.

Bigo is just like the omegle, but the difference is that omegle is the camera to camera version while Bigo can use to gather fans. It can be fun but yet dangerous.

Parents and friends, I am here to warn you about the danger of Bigo. It might not happen in Singapore , but it happen to some other countries as well. This can be known as Child Pornography (also known as Pedophile) . Under the law of Singapore, it will be sentenced to jail for about 7 years . I’m urging everyone here to keep a look out if any of your Children or friends are using Bigo as it’s part of the dangerous social media platform.

A.S.S Contributor,
Singapore Student
Tung Jia Xing

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