My father is working as flooring specalist few years ago.. and this encounter was roughly 2012 or 3.. way before the updated sephora might be longer earlier than 2012 cant rmb.

My father and team was assigned to do up the flooring and carpeting for TAKASHIMAYA square mooncake festival.

Need to work at night around 11.30pm start and last till 3am+ since only can start work after taka close ma…

So that incident was at the cargo area right beside ajisen you know that litter corner?

All his worker around 1am+ keep hearing women crying and foot step at that area cuz they need to unload the materials for their flooring..

Sooo a few of my dad workers and himself damn dulan cuz very nosiy and irritating and abit scary la.. so they went over and saw a sudden figure quickly u-turn to the lift section.

thats it..

So the next day just happen that the “Crystal Jade” people they work till quite late so my father sun bian ask them.. and they just say its normal.. always around 11pm – 1am will hear the women crying and footsteps.

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