A Singaporean man took to Facebook to raise awareness after his baby blue vespa bike was stolen. He was so desperate to get it back that he offered a $1000 reward to those who could retrieve the bike for him. He later revealed that the bike was not a real bike but an electric bike hence the lack of license plate.

“My bike was stolen! If u see this bike, PM me. If I can get it back, I’ll give u a $1000 reward. I’m not joking. The bike doesn’t have licence plate as it’s an electric bike.”

In an update posted 5 days later, the man revealed that LTA impounded his e-bike and said that it would take a long time to get his bike returned:

“LTA took my bike. Thanks to the FB community for sharing my post. Now the long road to get my bike back from them. Is this Vespa going to be the first like the Tesla 3? Watch this space.

My dear Joyce, u’re coming home to Daddy soon. Sorry they didn’t know how special u are. I promise to shelter & protect u like a true Daddy would. Love u. From ur Daddy.”

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