Referring to the response from the Marine Parade Town Council

I read their response, and I feel that it was full of arrogance and self-righteous bullcrap.

Firstly, can they justify what “inconvenience” are they talking about? We have wakes and wedding at void decks all the time, what makes this one so exceptionally special that they will cause an inconvenience to everyone at the area?

The onus does not lie with Samson Ng to seek an explanation. THE RESPONSIBILITY LIES WITH THE TOWN COUNCIL TO ACTIVELY PROVIDE A SATISFACTORY EXPLANATION! Why should he call you? You should call him!

You wish to assist every family going through bereavement? You have a funny way of showing that. If you really wanted to help them, you would have actually helped them! Instead you threw them to their own devices, saying “NOT OUR PROBLEM!”

This whole thing stinks of publicity! Why didn’t you contact the family privately to offer your explanation? Instead you make a public announcement, trying to make it look like Mr Samson Ng’s fault for not actively seeking an explanation from your part!

This Town Council isn’t fooling anyone. The only things they were considering, is their job security.

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