Rude cheapskrate carousell user Scold my mother n demand Free Door Step Delivery on Sunday.

This potential buyer demand a Free Door Step Delivery on Sunday for an itemmof $12 only. Singpost n Courier close on Sunday. Sunday is an offical rest day for delivery.

He wan to buy a hp holder for $12 only.

His house is few bus stop or few Lrt station away from my house. not v near like walking to opposite blk.

Best is he haven pay anything. Then he start scolding my mother . Say abt humanity. An animal talking abt humanity !

He shd b shame in public for his rudeness cos he dn care abt the rules for online selling.

Even go dept store buy things have timing. They only deliver if u buy few hundred $. N they dn deliver on sunday.

He is demanding free delivery for a $12 item.

He is disrespectful n too much to not only demand but to scold my mother.

This kind of bully shd b make known to public.

Customer is nt always right yet in online they r always bullying Seller like us.

They already get to buy cheaper price than retail store yet demand more than retail store provide.

I hope u can make my story known to Public to stop unfair treatment n verbal abuse.

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