To Editorial – All Singapore Stuff

I contact you in reference to the link below.

I am Paula Guino, COO for the Applicious company. I would like to kindly request that information from this link is made unavailable to your readers. The company regrets that at the time of posting the person who managed our company profile on LinkedIn displayed information that was not authorised by the company. We would like to inform that this person is no longer part of our company and that we took all measures necessary with LinkedIn to remove and ban the user as well as to delete the job post.

We would like you and your readers to accept our sincere apologies as the information on this job post does not reflect our corporate values. Applicious is a world-class app and web solution developer, as well as a technology innovation powerhouse, headquartered in Singapore. Our team is multi-skilled and multi-cultural with many decades of combined experience in digital business, start-ups, thought-leadership, and innovation. We have team members from Brazil (myself), USA, France, Russia and Singapore.

Certain of your cooperation.



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