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Kong Hee is really a charismatic man who can move crowds and make smart logical people do his bidding. He has powers of persuasion which few mortal men possess. Look at the CHC trial, after years of wrangling in the courts where the public prosecutor shot down their weak lame arguments systematically, CHC members are still with Kong Hee.

CHC members still believe in their messiah. They still believe CHC leaders did not wrong and the church was not hurt in any way. Still they pray regularly for the acquittal of their beloved leaders. Where else do you see such dedication and drive for a cause?

Well, GE2015 is a good place to begin. Despite Singapore’s waning economy, the huge influx of foreigners and the multiple accountability sagas concerning town councils which casts serious doubts on the PAP, 70% of Singaporeans still voted for the PAP and gave Lee Hsien Loong a landslide victory. Why and how this happened, nobody knows.

Can you see the similarities between Kong Hee and PAP? They both have the power to command sheeps to do their bidding and get away with any wrongs they committed. They have such loyal following till the end, it is such a pity Kong Hee did not join the PAP, he would have been great PAP material.

Stupidity Has No Bounds
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