I’m sure that every gay have their stories of coming out from the closets and the best relationship we always had or maybe have. To me, my first relationship with a guy is the best relationship I ever had before. ( *I dated gals before during secondary school times. But failed. That’s why I’m a pure gay) okay I will call my first love, J.

Remembering the few things that happened during the relationship that makes me feel touched and happy about though I’m not with him now but I still miss that feeling…. during one of the Mother’s Day after we been tgt for almost 1year, as usual J asked me over to his house for dinner and I agreed as I’m very familiar with his family and his parents and siblings always treat me as J’s best bro. So I went over and passed the Mother’s Day gift to his mum. His mum smiled and continue to whip up the last dish for the night.

After the dinner, I will always help his mum with the dishes and chit chat while doing washings. Suddenly his mum tell me this in Chinese, “Bboy ar, u no need to give aunty any present on Mother’s Day anymore.” To my shock, I asked why. She replied “You are a very precious present to me liao. What can I still asked for?” I acted blur and laughed like a idiot. Then she continued, “Aunty really want to thank you for taking care of my ah boy. Sometimes his temper abit siao siao u also give in to him. I can see you are a good boy…friend.”

I almost let go of the plates and choked by my saliva. I kept mum and smiled. She then continue and told me actually she sense the relationship between 2 of us is not like the normal friends. She also mentioned, “Now not 60s70s, now 21st century liao. Boy like boy is normal. I’m happy to have one more good son than having a bad daughter in law. Next time, come often. This is your home also.”

I teared after she said this…I didn’t know my ex bf’s Mother will say such things as she is a typical aunty whom seems not to accept homosexuality. But it turns out to be such heartwarming. I told J on this and he revealed that his mum asked him on his relationship status long time ago, and he came out to his mum which resulted that his mum accepted him without a second thought. After then, I always go J’s house for dinner very often. Till we broke up.

That’s the reason why, till now I will still visit her on and off even though J have left Singapore to further his studies as a doctor. I really want to thank Aunty for being such a great Aunty to me. Though i can’t be your son-in-law, but in my heart you are a second Mum to me. I love you a lot.

– Chuan, Ah boy

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