I would like to say thank you to a man whom was driving a gold CRV at JB Shell Petrol kiosk.

This afternoon i need to go in to JB to settle some issues. I was with my helper & when we exit the msia custom after woodlands custom, i decide to buy drinks & top up fuel at the 1st Shell Petrol kiosk. I stop at pump station & realised its too far for the gun to reach my car, i intend to make alignment & i found that im unable to start my engine.

Its a super hot afternoon & i seek help from the petrol kiosk staffs if check if they know any mechanics. Its either they dun answer me or replied me. I almost wanted to cry as both me & my helper felt helpless. 1 guy whom was making payment at the counter ask me what happen, i told him my car breakdown. He help me by checking my car without any hesitation, i felt so touched at that very moment as my own country people is lending a helping hand to 2 helpless woman. He even help me to call a Malaysia’s workshop mechanics to assist me. He left after informing the mechanic my car number & location.

I was in a pathetic state & i forgot to ask for his hp number or car number so that i can say thank you to him.

i hope that he is a ASS reader, he is in his 30’sdriving a gold color CRV, he is wearing a white T shirts & a dark pants, he told the mechanic his msia hp 018 xxxxx1944. i would like to express my gratitude on helping me may god bless you & your family. Thank you so much.

Ms Low (Black Lancer )
A.S.S. Contributor

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