In a shocking revelation on a famous local forum where netizens shared their bedroom stories and exploits, one man alleged that he found a pinhole spy camera in his hotel room. Fortunately for him, he had seen that version of tissue box spy camera before and confronted the pimp before leaving. When he checked the SD card which he confiscated, he found the action videos of 4 other men.

Although the pimp explained it was used as a security measure to deter robberies, do you accept this explanation?

Are you a regular patron of such extra curriculum activities? Should you be worried the next time you engage in such activities? Best of luck to all Singapore chiongsters, you have been warned.

“today call one girl mila from backpage turtle head number 8*******, after ****ing sit down at the dressing table smoke, see one tissue box knn very familiar leh like one of the product i sell before tissue box spy cam NIAMA! call the turtle head tell me no choice got a lot of rob case.

then knnbccb u no choice make me a pornstar sibo. take out sd card pay money and left. now open up sdcard on my computer see the performance of another 4 brudder. goodluck for other who book his girl maybe one day u on TV.”

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