The video of a woman speaking heavily accented mandarin arguing with bystanders has went viral in Singapore. In it, it showed a motorcyclist lying on the road while the woman stayed by the roadside quarreling with passersby over the accident.

The woman railed at the people around her accusing them of being busybodies when they were not involved in the accident. At one point, she even said in Mandarin: 我们闯人,okay不用紧 (Translation: When we knock onto someone, it's okay, never mind.)

Midway through the video, she being to get physical with one of the eyewitness nearby and splashed water at him. In retaliation, the man took a plastic bag and threw it at her. In return, she splashed more water at the man. It was here that the man was restrained by others and urged to not get into an altercation with her and allow the police to deal with her instead.

It is unclear what happened to the woman after the video ends but netizens were outraged at the arrogance and audacity of the woman after she hit someone. She showed no remorse and did not render help to the affected motorist.


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