Looks like Singapore is getting into the cross hairs of corporate tax avoidance claims. On Monday. Indonesia laid claims on US$400m of tax avoidance Google routed through its subsidiaries in Singapore. Yesterday, Australia laid claims on US$755m from BHP for doing the same.

Bet you the apologists and establishment hacks will KBKP about big countries bullying little Singapore like they KBKP about the Apple and Ireland case*………… except Indonesian is much poorer and we are meant to be richer than the Aussies.

*The establishment hack KBKP (the tiresome anti-welfare rhetoric) goes something like big EU countries like France and Germany lack political courage to reform their welfare states and so they pick on small little Ireland for illegal state aid (that’s what refusal to collect taxes is, in reality) given to Apple.

This of course conveniently omitted that Ireland is a net recipient of EU aid of which the big countries are net contributors so there is more than enough justification for the big boys to get Ireland to sort out its tax code being used as illegal state aid.

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