This article is written in response to the article on 21/9/16 titled “WARNING AGAINST USING EZBUY & SGSHOP – THEY DO NOT ALLOW ACC TO BE DELETED” by Farhan

At ezbuy Singapore, we are proud of what we do. Founded in 2010, our services have benefited hundreds of thousands of customers in Singapore. Till date we have shipped more than 20 million parcels. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone to our business and we are committed to giving all our customers the best experience possible while shopping on us.

Privacy is paramount in commerce and more so when purchasing from internet platforms. ezbuy acknowledges that privacy is key to a customer’s experience whilst shopping online, ergo, ezbuy would like to stress that all customer information gathered during the course of their shopping on the platform is collected for the sole purpose of allowing correspondence between both parties. Communication via email or sms from ezbuy includes the update of shipping status of orders, update of arrival of goods at our warehouses and for promotion purposes. ezbuy does not reveal, share or sell any information pertaining to the customer and their activities on our platform with any individual or entity.

All payment on ezbuy is facilitated through their respective payment gateways, as such, it is imperative that ezbuy stresses that no credit card information is gathered or stored in our platform.

For security purposes, ezbuy does not practice the deletion of user accounts.

Benjamin Lim from Ezbuy
A.S.S. Contributor

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