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I am very upset that SMRT has sacked two of their staff before the coroner’s inquiry is out.

The SMRT management may have a right to dismiss their workers but is it really fair that they are dismissed right after Hari Raya Haji and before the inquiry is out?

15 workers (6 signal staff and 9 permanent way staff) were involved on the day of the accident but why did SMRT only single out 2 workers? What about the rest? Why were they not dismissed as well? Are we saying that the 2 workers were MORE responsible than the rest in this accident case?

SMRT’s accident review panel said that protection measures such as “code setting the speed limit on the affected track sector to 0 km/h so that no train can enter on automated mode, and deploying watchmen to look out for approaching trains and provide early warning to the work team” was NOT applied and hence, directly causing the accident. Who is responsible for this?

Track access management controls, communication protocols and track vigilance – who are responsible for this? Can’t just be the 2 workers right?

Also, if we can be so certain that those 2 workers are responsible for the unfortunate deaths, why do we need a coroner’s inquiry?

Is there any harm letting them stay in the company till the inquiry is out?

We have to wait when SMRT trains delay but SMRT cannot wait for inquiry to be out. Why so kancheong? Are they hiding something?

Oh and by the way, they are shortlisted as Finalist for “Employer of the Year” under HR Excellence Awards.

One word: Speechless.

Even after the tragedy of the twin deaths of its employees and its controversial decision to sack two train drivers recently, isn't it a little ironic that SMRT has been nominated for the Human Resources Excellence Awards 2016?

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