Between 5:45pm and 5:53pm on 16Sep at Yishun Bus Interchange, me and my wife, who’s on wheelchair, were waiting at Berth 5 for either buses 812 or 806.
806, is supposedly not a wheelchair friendly service (fair enough). Though the majority of buses that came were indeed Wheelchair Accessible Buses (WAB) of different models. We were however told by the bus driver, that he does not accept wheelchair passengers, even though said driver was indeed driving a WAB.

Now, 812 is supposedly a wheelchair friendly service, with signboards indicating said service and a wheelchair logo beside the service number. However, the 4 buses that we had seen gone by, were anything but wheelchair friendly, given they were still using the old articulated buses.

Are wheelchair passengers supposed to be waiting for multiple buses, and to only hope that a WAB will arrive before their wheelchairs collect rust, on a supposedly wheelchair friendly service?

Or do you suffer greatly from having to assist wheelchair passengers, on WABs, on supposedly services that are not wheelchair friendly?

While I throughly appreciated the frequency of the buses which seemed to arrive like popcorns out of the cooker, there is clearly a enormous disparity between the labels, and the service being provided.

Unless there’s a particular reason why assistance to wheelchair passengers are categorised by where they travel or stay, I would like to hear your explanation of why you don’t bother and refuse to provide the services you had indicated as available.

This is the second unfortunate loophole incident I’ve had to experience with my wife on a wheelchair for just 1 month. I fear to imagine what people with long-term disabilities have to put up with.

It’s not rocket science. WAB, unless with broken facilities, should accept wheelchair passengers. The act of discrimination that you had instructed your driver to display, is unacceptable.

I await your reply, should you bother.

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