6 leaders of City Harvest Church Singapore were convicted of the misuse of $50 mil church funds to promote the career of Sun Ho through sham bonds and other means. The case has dragged on for years and has given Christianity a bad name. There are still tens of thousands of members remaining in the church and they are deluded in believing their leaders are innocent and its appropriate for such deceit and lies as “no monies were lost in the process”. For the sake of the members and innocent young people who may get roped in as future members, I urge the public to petition to the Singapore government, laws and those uphold justice to close down City Harvest Church and their worldwide affliations, their School of Theology and also sister church, Heart of God Church, which is in Singapore too. And they should be banned from starting new churches or any other associations. All the leaders involved in this City Harvest Church case should be jailed too for at least 10 years per charge. Do not let Sun Ho go off scott free too. Thank you.

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