Two men were working together to steal an iPad Pro worth $1,188.

The crime took place at Geylang Lorong 14 and Lorong 16.

The plan was straight-forward. The first man entered the mobile shop to ask if his handphone could be repaired. The staff proceeded to help the man with his queries. In doing so, the staff had left an iPad Pro on the counter unattended.

While this was happening, the second man entered the shop, took the iPad Pro and left.

The staff only realised the theft after the man he was serving left. The staff notified his boss, Mr Lee immediately. Mr Lee checked the CCTV footage and it was revealed that the second man had stolen the iPad Pro.

Mr Lee then asked the other mobile shops in the vicinity to help keep an eye out for the stolen iPad.

A few hours after the theft, the fearless duo, along with a female partner, decided to return to the same area to sell the stolen iPad.

A sharp shop-owner recognised that it was the stolen iPad and he informed Mr Lee.

Mr Lee and his staff went over immediately. When confronted, the duo vehemently denied having stolen the iPad. When Mr Lee tried to call the police, one of the man brandished a 25 cm long knife. Together with the staff of the shop, Mr Lee and some staff grabbed the man while others tried to wrestle the knife away from him. During the scuffle, one of the thieves got slashed by the knife.

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