Dear Editor,

With regards to the article by Farhan dated Monday 19/09/2016, I hope that you are able to post our side of story.
Before our formal explanation, the Management and Staff of Twincar Leasing would like to sincerely apologize for the outburst.
However, we hope that everyone would take a minute or two to understand the real story behind the outburst.

We received a letter from the Singapore Police Force dated 26/4/2016 that one of our cars was involved in a alleged hit and run accident with a van.
The hirer was informed and ask to make a police report as stated in the letter from Singapore Police Force.
The hirer refused to admit he was involved in a accident even when our staff ask him about the damages on the leased vehicle saying he had damaged the car on some barrier.
He had no other choice but to admit to the accident after the letter from SPF.

In his police report, he stated that the van had hit his mirror while overtaking him from the left.
However, from the video recording from the van, it was clearly seen that he was the one trying to overtake and to make matter worst, he tried to avoid any liabilities by driving off even though the driver of the van signaled him to stop.
The Toyota Altis he was driving was equipped with Dashcam too, so if he really had the right of way why hide the fact that he was involved in an accident.

After reviewing the reports from our hirer and the other party including the video evidence from the van. We have no choice but to collect the payment for the excess for the insurance under Section 1 $2000(OD claim) and Section 2 $2000(Claim from 3rd party).
Please noted that both amount are collected by our insurance company and not Twincar leasing.

That is when all the problem arise, The hirer refused to pay the excess and keep demanding that we return him his deposit. We are unable to do so as his deposit of $2200 is not enough to cover the excess payment.
He made many nasty remarks at our office company compound disrupting our business flow for a long period of time,purposely trying to antagonize all our staffs.
Sad to say, he achieve his objective and took a video of our staffs flaring up.
With that video, he tried to mislead the public and exert pressure on us to return his deposit.

We sincerely hope that everyone read this with a open heart and understand the difficulties on our part.

Evidence have been posted on our company facebook page ( )
1) Letter from Singapore Police force
2) Reports made by both parties
3) Video recording of the accident from the dashcam recording of the van involved

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