Recently i went for a workers party youth wing discussion about our thoughts on the new presidential candidate rules thingy.

It was pretty interesting and i think more youths need to get involve and inform themselves if not when bad things happen to our country we only have ourselves to blame.

That being said i think that the government also has a part to play, by raiding the houses of people who weren’t even contesting in the by election and suing people who speak out on important issues in Singapore, the government is creating a very dangerous environment for people who might dissent and want to contribute their opinion on important issues in Singapore.

I am glad that the The Workers’ Party organised this session, at the same time i am pretty upset seeing that most of the other participants were from universities and yet did not know what was going on till it was explained.

I would expect university students to be a little more up to date on issues like this because in the past when Singapore was a lot more democratic people actually counted on the students to explain complex government legislation to them.

While you have student led movements like the umbrella movement in Hong Kong our students in Singapore are a far cry from any participation of political discourse, but at least the bothered to show up for the session.

So while i think it is great that opposition parties are trying to provide an alternative voice to represent Singaporeans, we Singaporeans especially the younger ones, need to step up. That being said the PAP had to do more to not making speaking up such a dangerous thing to do, if a facebook comment that does not promote violence can get your house raided and items confiscated then you cannot blame the younger generation for choosing not to participate in political discourse, then again this could have been the intended effect.

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