Ahmad: Bro, you read about the appeal by City Harvest Church leaders? Funny la, kena caught with pants down still want to appeal and try to smoke the judge.

Ah Kow: Pastor Don Kee deserve to kena 8 years in prison because I read the amount involved is $50 million. Actually consider lucky already because his wife, Ho Yeow Sun, and son got to enjoy churchgoers’ generosity and lived in a $28,000 Hollywood mansion in the US for many years.

Ahmad: His name is Kong Hee la, not Don Kee. His wife really cannot make it that’s why needed millions from the church to create an illusion. See her image and listen to her singing really make people want to puke.

Who thinks Yeow Sun could have made it on her own keechiu! Wa lau eh, even her own shadow disappeared.

Arumugam: You know her vindictive husband ever sued his own follower, Roland Poon, in 2003 when questioned about CHC’s support for Yeow Sun’s pop music career? He forced Roland to apologise publicly by taking up advertisements in major newspapers costing about $33K.

Ah Kow: I think if Don Kee, er, I mean Kong Hee, has a god, his god must be shaking his head and probably ask the Hell IC to take him in.

Ahmad: And you know his Senior Counsel PAP MP Edwin Tong also try to play with words and said that “the intention to put the funds to wrongful use is not the same as the intention to cause wrongful loss”. link WTF he is talking about nobody really knows.

Arumugam: The judge must be having a hard time trying to figure out how the hell a senior counsel could make such a ting tong statement. If the judge buys into Tong’s argument, then all the accounts clerks and bank tellers should misappropriate company/bank funds and claim there is no intention to cause wrongful loss! Tong has become a laughing stock.

Ahmad: How come Tong is paid a $15,000 monthly MP allowance to serve his constituents but got so much time to prepare for the high profile court case?

Ah Kow: Kong Hee has not even apologised to his followers for his immoral act. Can’t believe this guy. Maybe hell won’t even take him in. Haha.

Arumugam: Chew Eng Han, a former member of Kong Hee’s inner circle, is also appealing against his sentence and has claimed he was brainwashed by Kong. Kong had given him the impression that Yeow Sun was a singing diva like Whitney Houston. This latest revelation by Chew tickled Justice Chan. It’s a fact that while Whitney had sold more than 200 million records worldwide, Yeow Sun probably sold not more than 200,000 US albums. more than 200,000,000 = less than 200,000??

Ahmad: Kong tried to help his wife’s music career and her 7 years of lavish lifestyle cost at least $20 million. It had already been disclosed that her “success” in the Mandarin-speaking market turned out to be a farce: church members had to fork out $500,000 to buy 32,500 unsold albums. Her ‘success’ in Asia was all CHC’s propaganda to attract more follower: two of her Mandarin albums made losses of almost $1 million.

Arumugam: He is such a despicable ‘man of god’ and the prosecution has rightly appealed against the manifestly inadequate sentence.

Ah Kow: Millions of tax dollars have been wasted on this court case and there will be public outrage should Kong’s counter appeal succeed. One thing for sure, no medicine can help him this time.

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