I refer to this article published by The New Paper titled, “Helping the Poor to become ‘Towkays'” –

Gist of it: government giving out free tissue paper and $88 ezlink card to poor and needy, allowing them to sell the tissue paper and become ‘financially independent’.

I’m not usually this quick to criticize government ideas. A lot of times I see some merit, though don’t agree with the way it’s implemented or some other reasons.

But this is an unusually retarded scheme.
A lot of the needy are poor, unhealthy or challenged in some ways. If they’re healthy and able bodied, then they’re probably much better off doing some other work. Even McD part timer paying ~$8 an hour. 40 hour work week have you get ~$1500 a month.
Time is a cost itself. When you have them selling tissue, you’re taking time away for them to rest, to upgrade themselves, look for better jobs, etc etc. And for those with questionable health, this could have them get sick/unable to rest and rack up more in medical.
Acquire skillsets? Are you friggin’ kidding me? Selling tissues, to put it bluntly, is just a cut above begging. What skillsets do they acquire? Negotiation? Nope, all things provided for them. Networking? Yeah, right.
And what independence are they talking about? This would work because the ezlink card and free tissue paper. If taken not free, would that really be independence?

I mean, it’s another option for the needy. It’s better than nothing, when you look at it this way. But….highest paid politicians with so much resource. And this is the best you can come up with?


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