New GRAB or UBER drivers please BEWARE..!!!

You MUST not fall into the TRAP of this Car rental Twincar Automotive Pte Ltd, initially when you sign,place deposit & pick up the car everything will be fine as usual..when your contract is about to expire they will contact you hoping that you’ll renew it.

The moment you refused to renew contract with them..That’s when your nightmare Begins, they will perform an outrageous car return inspection all out to forfeit your deposit. How outrageous you may be thinking???

My answer to you is UNimaginable, They will simply wiggle a pen then knock on the car casually and says here,here,here and here all need repair and polish, and when you tell them what’s wrong with this portion? it’s perfectly fine? they will just ignore was to the extend I had no choice but to pull out my mobile to video it down. otherwise I don’t think anyone would believe me if I were to share it verbally.., Watch the Video below and you’ll understand what i for me, they suck off all $2,200.

I am Sharing this incident now Hoping that all Renewal or New UBER or GRAB drivers don’t have to suffer this same I would like to seek everyone’s help to Share and EXPOSE this kind of Blood Suckers. If we Share Hard enough..HOPEfully the relevant Authorities will step in to take appropriate actions against them so that less people will suffer.

Thank You All….

YouTube video title : GRAB Driver Beware of this Car Rental

Video 1 –
Video 2 –

CAUTION – Twincar Automotive Pte Ltd
Kaki Bukit AutoHub #01-17/18 ,S417921

Note: Twincar is Affiliated with N-51 Automotive

Yours Truthfully
GRABcar Victim

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