At 6.30pm me and my family was at Tampines 1 rooftop water playground spending time with my boys.. i was watching my son playing in the mini pool when i heard a loud scream. I turn and see this guy shouted at a chinese boy who was playing with small water fountain. I was shocked to see an adult screaming at the boy. He shouted again asking the boy where is the boy parent? His mom stood up and ask whats the problem? The man again raises his voice. I felt that is not right, i went up and ask him what happen? He told me the boy played with the fountain and accidently splashes the water at his son.. i told him its still wrong for you to scream at the boy like that! I was furious when he still got the cheek to say its the boys fault! I told him come on, its water playground! I got agitated and told him off, if it was my son ill PUNCH your bloody face for shouting at my son! I demanded for him to apologize at the boy! He was reluctant and kept quiet! I told him this is singapore! You wanna show your gangsterism on adult not on a 6-7 year old kid! If you aint happy go back to your country! Fyi the guy is a filipino guy! You come my country you wanna act big? Next time stay at home! Or stay in your own country!

To the boy: no need to say thank you to uncle, its every singaporean duty to stand up for their fellow singaporean!

Dear singaporeans, please share this around to make this guy famous! Dont mess with a singaporean!

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