Dear A.S.S,

My family & I had visited Vivo city on the 16th September 2016 while walking back after the dinner we saw H&M opened & decided to shop some stuff. As we finalising our shopping the store made the closing down announcement so we rushed to the cashier & before I could reach my Husband & Daughter reached the counter. There were three girls in front of my Husband who asked him to go ahead with the billing as they were still taking time deciding on some stuff kept next to the cash counter. As we approached the cashier JOHN for our billing he refused to do the billing instead yelled at my Husband & me that we were cutting the que on which we politely told him that no we weren’t as the girls asked us to go ahead of them.

On hearing this he became angry & shouted back that he knows that we were cutting the que on which my Husband again explained to him that they had asked us to go ahead. He got so angry that he refused to do the billing on which my Husband asked him to check his security camera and see what had happened & I just to clear his doubt asked the girls if they had asked us to go with the billing first to which they said yes. After hearing all this he started usin abusive language on which we forced to tell him that he was crossing his limit & then he yelled at me saying that ” I have a problem with your attitude & don’t teach me what to do” on hearing all this my Husband was forced to yell at him to which he became so agitated that he came out from his counter to hit us. After seeing all this the other staff caught hold of him & dragged him out but he continued using foul words. My 9 year old daughter went in a complete state of shock.

Mrs Mohan
A.S.S Contributor

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