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On the 18th of September,12.45pm, PARK Cafe at Holland Village officially became from our personal favorite to probably the most discriminative Cafe of the hour in all of Singapore.

To cut long story short, upon arrival we asked for an indoor seating but was rejected despite asking TWO times because they claimed they were all reserved. Within a minute of being outside, a Caucasian man came asking for an indoor seating (clearly with no reservations made), and the manager, without hesitance, guided him to his Indoor seat. Stunned, my wife and I dropped our menus, told the manager that their service is ridiculous and this was what he has to say, “We made a mistake.” Oh, and there wasn’t even an apology to follow it.

I wouldn’t have written this complain but with an unapologetic manager and one that gives you an attitude for being angry at their service? This is utter b.s. If your business model solely revolves around the business of Caucasians (as what your manager has clearly shown), you could do us locals a favour by putting up a sign to say “only Caucasians are embraced with warm, open arms”, and save us this unnecessary displeasure.

On the behalf of other Singaporeans who’s been discriminated as well, we’ve had enough of this. We’re not asking for priority service, only equality. Park Cafe, you’re as unpatriotic as it gets and here’s an eternal goodbye from a once loyal local supporter.

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