I got to know this guy named “Ken” from a social app three months back .

At that time , I didn’t really talked to him much ,until recently I lost my job and he contacted me again and asked me out . Therefore I went out with him and he started to ask me out and I went out with him on the 11/8.

He started to ask me to loan Him money and told me that once the cheque cleared on the 12/8 he will returned me $2700. But the following day he told me that this sum of money he can’t returned me yet as something cropped up in the company and he needed to use the money to book hotel for his China clients and also rent a car for the clients.he needed about $9000 but the cheque that was cleared is only 6000 so he is shortage of 3000 .

I told him I do not have any money anymore but he was begging me to loan from my frd then I went to borrow 1000 from my frd . For the next few days he started to ask me to loan him another few k and told me he will have another cheque in and will be clear by next week . Therefore the sum accumulated to that amount .

After that when I asked him for the money back as I need to pay for my rental, he began to give me excuses like give him time , he won’t leave me to die but after giving him several days he still didn’t do anything and to the extend that I told him I will report to the police he can even making statement that “Wah You are so free to make police report.”

After which he began not to reply my text and also delete me from the Friend list on the social app . I really hope to find him out as I do not have the full details about him and wanted to retrieve my money back .

A.S.S. Contributor

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