Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m attending City Harvest Church and I am deeply hurt and offended by the extremely insensitive remarks made by one PAP grassroots leaders in Pasir Ris Punggol GRC concerning the majority of the church members.

This RC chairman, Ms Song, claimed on the Facebook page that “many of the CHC members are brainwashed!!! She also states that “I have friends from this church and they still speak so highly of them and worshipping them. Brainless!”

Can you believe it???

Such offensive and hurtful comments actually come from a RC Chairman and this is becoming very unaccepting and socially divisive especially when a grassroots leader is supposed to assist in promoting religious and racial harmony in Singapore.

Our Prime Minister and several cabinets have constantly urged Singaporeans to stay united as one people regardless of race, language and religion. But it seems to be that all these are just mere talk and they are not taking this seriously as seen from the highly insensitive comments made by this PAP grassroots leader.

Now, where is the actual respect for our racial and religious harmony? If the grassroots leaders cannot set a good example, what can you expect from the normal citizens? Why do the People”s Association allow such grassroots leaders to attack and insult the City Harvest church members who have done nothing wrong and are practising the freedom of worship as promised to us in the Singapore constitution?

Even if the CHC leaders have made mistakes, it is not right for a PAP grassroots leaders to insult the faith of so many members in City Harvest Church by calling them brainless. brainwashed etc. If our late LKY is still around, I’m sure he will not sit back and do nothing.

I seriously hope something can be done about it.

A.S.S. Contributor

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