Do the staff at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe at Djitsun Mall, Ang Mo Kio are basically trained to allow customers to cut queue?

My friend and I went to the cafe on June 27 2015, around 11pm after a long day at work since it was one of the few eateries that opened late in Ang Mo Kio. We wanted to sit at a booth seat but were told to wait as they wanted to clean the table. So we waited right next to the table but immediately after the table was cleaned, a couple sitting at a table nearby barged into the booth seats and snatched the seats that we were waiting for. The staff just allowed them to do so and said since the couple came earlier than us, they could to do so. We were disappointed and walked out on the spot, and did not go back to the cafe until last night.

Last night, again after a long day at work we walked past Xin Wang cafe and saw that the previous staff were no longer there so we decided to give a try again. At around 11pm, I queued up at the cashier’s counter to pay the bill and waited for a while. When a male staff went to the cashier, another male customer who was queuing behind me dashed to him and told him to settle the bill first. Unlike at other cafes or shops where the staff will ask such people to wait for their turn, the male staff of Xin Wang cafe simply did as that male customer requested even though he knew I came first. When I asked him about this later, he admitted that he knew the guy cut my queue and allowed him to do so.

We always dine out late at night in Ang Mo Kio but we will not go to this outlet again nor will we recommend any of our friends to this outlet so as to avoid any chance of going through the same disappointment from the untrained staff.

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