During a 20 minute taxi ride, a 66 year-old taxi-driver repeatedly told the 19 year-old passenger that he wanted to lick her private parts.

Ong Guan Seow had picked up the passenger and a male friend from Teban Gardens. Ong was told to go to the Home Team Academy in Choa Chu Kang to drop the friend off, before sending the victim to her Sembawang home.

Ong began to make conversation with the teen after her friend dropped off. Ong said that she was “sweet” to drop her boyfriend off at camp. Ong shared how a “boy” he picked up at Golden Mile who went to look for a “Thai girl” despite having a girlfriend, because “foreign girls can please Singaporean men better than local girls”.

Ong also told the victim about how a “China lady” would go to him for “sexual pleasures”, and he described explicit acts with her.

Subsequently Ong said, “Uncle can lick your private parts. It will be very enjoyable” and “Uncle can stop by the side of the road”.

Frightened, the girl called her father who was a policeman. She told Ong that her father was waiting for her outside their home. She also called the friend whom she had dropped off. Over speaker mode, the friend asked Ong why he was making such lewd comments. Ong said that he was teaching the victim some “life experience”.

The girl told Ong to drive straight to the neighbourhood police center. Throughout the drive, Ong persisted with the lewd comments.

In his defense, Ong claimed that the police investigation officer had abused her authority and deceived him into signing his statements.

Ong was sentenced to 2 weeks for insulting the modesty of a woman.

The maximum punishment is a year’s jail and a fine.

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