My Umar was taken away by none other than his own father. On 26 June 2016, during the HOLY MONTH OF RAMADHAN, his father came to my mother’s place to bring him out (I grant him his natural right as a father and respecting that). At the end of the day, while awaiting Umar’s return, HE NEVER ARRIVES.

Imagine a 25 year old mother, sending countless messages EVERYDAY pleading for her child, asking for her child’s welfare and the other party (30 years old man) just ONLY reply a few times in this period of few months. And being told to see her child ONLY on his family’s terms? Yet at times when she went to look for her child, NO ONE answers the door!
It has been almost 3 MONTHS.

The marriage may have not gone accordingly but in the meantime while waiting for court orders and LEGAL proceedings, it does not mean that anyone should seperate a mother and her child by force! That is just CRUEL & HEARTLESS.

Breastfeeding mothers out there, Tell me how would you feel?? Let me tell you something. It is not just an act of just feeding the child, there are so many emotions, wonderful & beautiful memories that comes out from breastfeeding! YOU DO NOT DENY a mother her natural right and her baby’s right to be breastfed. YOU DO NOT DENY a mother and a child’s rights regardless.

There are so many claims and assumptions on this story, but!! THERE IS NO EXCUSE IN THE WORLD TO SEPERATE A YOUNG CHILD AND HIS CARING MOTHER (unless the mother abuse or torture the child). Using an innocent child as a bargaining chip is the most disgusting act ever.

Share away again.. Parental child abduction has to stop!

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