Dear ASS

My name is Kay Lee and I am an Uber driver.

Having been retrenched from my job about 6 months ago, the only option left to me is either to drive a taxi or Uber. I decided that the latter is the better option despite I’ve the taxi vocation licence. One main reason is also I can continue to drive my own car and service my monthly installments.

Having driven for about 6 months, I have encountered many incidents with taxi drivers who purposely sounded their horn, or jammed their brakes to create an accident or showing some crude signs. I have endured them for their childish antics.

Today I saw an article on your page relating to taxi drivers trying to cause harm to Uber or Grab drivers.
This is the final straw.

Over the past 6 months, I have managed to compile video and photographs footage of more than 400 taxi drivers committing various of traffic offences such as jamming their brakes, illegal parking, illegal turns, etc.

This message is to warn all taxi drivers to stop all their nonsense to Uber and Grab drivers.

If they still try any funny stunts. All the videos and photographs will be sent to the traffic police immediately. You have been warned.

Kay Lee
A.S.S. Contributor

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