Does SAF have fetish or obsession with NSFs drinking water? Their water parade is crazy, either making soldiers “water parade” before strenuous exercises and this “water parade” would mean that soldiers have to drink in large amount of water at one go, like half a bottle (500 ml) or even 1 full water bottle (1 litre).

And the commanders will be the ones keep on checking to ensure servicemen take in large quantity of water to ensure hydration. After which, servicemen were made to fill up their bottles and water bags to the brim and even make us drink like crazy every 10 to 15 minutes.

Oh my goodness, the commanders can say is ok to keep on going to the toilet to pee due to excessive drinking but not knowing that during trainings, there are no toilets available ( especially during long marches) and also during IPPT when time is limited. It’s often hard to endure a heavy bladder and it’s very painful to do so with long term complications to the kidney and with all the shagness and almost faint condition, all our commanders can say is to “endure” and even said that should a war occur, do we think we even get it use the toilet?

Oh my goodness. Sometimes, our servicemen can hold for 2 hours and even when they are allowed to use the toilet to pee, you will see their underwear wet while they are changing in their bunks. That’s crazy man! I have came across my buddy telling me that his pee is dripping in his underwear while doing our route march and the training is far from over for a break.

It was so hot that he kept on drinking as he was already sweating like cow. Before we are given a break around 30 minutes later, he couldn’t bear the pain and all I could see was, with all the sweat, water was slowly flowing down his legs while marching and shouting out echoes. He had peed in his underwear.

So what are your opinions towards such “water parade” or should I say, MINDEF’s hydration regime?

A.S.S. Contributor

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