I will like to highlight my bad experience with the Pacific Express on my Malacca trip back to Singapore. Suppose to pickup at Hatten Hotel Malacca at 8am on the 11 Sep, as i does not stay near the hotel so we took a cab early at 7am and reach there by 7.10am. But was waiting till 7.55am and no one pick us up and the book form only have a Singapore number. So i try to calling in an a lady mention the pickup point is correct and continue to wait.

But been waiting till 8.15am, also non of the coach arrive at the hotel, so i call back to the pacific express singapore and a guy answer my call and i told him my problem and he ask me why dont call the Malaysia office and i told him there is no malaysia number for me to call and he is not very happy and hang up my call.

So i have no choice to wait till 8.30 to call me and a lady answer my call and she very helpful to help me to contact the local pickup. But i know i have miss my bus and not choice have to wait till the local pickup till 9.15am and he fetch me to the Malacca Sentral to board a bus under Delima which is not the bus i book and only allow us to sitted at the last seat, the whole journey with no water given and also not allow to go to washroom.

This is really a very good experience for me and i will let all my friend know about this Pacific Express service is really suck. I think they are getting our Money and not given us the thing we book. Does the insurance cover like this?

Some more i have my parents with me on this trip. Really piss off with this lousy company

A.S.S. Contributor

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