My cousin have a bf of 3 years. She is around 18 or 19, but definitely below 21 years old.

Because of some misgivings, my cousin’s family forbid them to be together. However, they recently discovered that they were still going out together and she has been staying over at his house on and off over the past few months on the pretense of going chalet, staying at other friend’s house etc.

They had a lengthy discussion and she is adamant on staying with the guy. The guy’s mother also sow discord and encourage my cousin to stay with them. The guy’s family is also abit complicated, the guy, his mother and the mother’s “god-childrens” are all staying under one roof. The guy also have brushes with the law before. My cousin’s family tried to contact the guy’s mother, but she refuse to talk to them and tell them it is my cousin’s choice to choose.

Is calling a police a possibility at this point of time? Personally I feel this is not a sustainable way to solve the issue, as my cousin is quite rebellious and I am skeptical of the power of the law in such cases. The family talk reason with her she will brush it off and say the family don’t understand the situation at all etc. The attitude and stand of the guy’s mother, encouraging my cousin to leave her family adds on to the complication.

Would be great if anyone can share some legal input. Counselling and talk nicely this kind of things don’t work anymore.

A.S.S. Contributor

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