on feb 2016, my dad was admitted to ktph ard 3pm cos he complain of chest pain. ard 6plus doc call me and say he is fit to go home, as he is 74yrs old and just recover from stroke recently ard october. i decide to let him rest and bring him home the next morning.

when i was there the next morning, he complained of chest pain but the doctor keep saying that he is fit to go. i refused and force him to admit him and do some more test, doctor refused, but i just walk off. next day he was operated on gallstones.

my question was why was it not revealed when he was admitted tat first day? untik i force him, then they realised he have issue and need to be operate on. so i want the doctor name, but they refuse to give me. even ktph customer service mgr refuse to give me his name after my many calls to ktph. so on april one day we had a meeting, again they refuse.

so i walk to a&e hoping to catch a glimpse of his name tag if he walk out. but they ask 6 security guard to flank me. i immediately call the police. after discussion with the police, they advise me to call ministry of health and smc. so i did call, smc say it is my right as a patient to know the name of the doctor . and if they have the name, they can look into my compaints.

but until today ktph refused to let me have it. that doctor is still in ktph hospital, a walking timebomb with wrong diagnosis. please help

Mr Cheong
A.S.S. Contributor

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