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Have an experience to share over my stay at W Singapore!

I booked a night stay of Away room at W Singapore for my husband birthday celebration. Upon checked in at 3.30pm, I could already hear the guests on my right blasting loud music and making a lot of noise. That didn’t affect me as I understand it was still early and I left the room for somewhere else till I came back to the room at about 5.30pm. The loud music and noise continued.. Again, I was cool about it.

At about 10.30pm, we went back to the room together with 4 of my guests and they hang around at the plunge pool area. It was then that things turned nasty as the guests staying on the right started throwing pebbles/stones and shampoo bottle which hit onto one of my guest. Hence my guest called up to complained on the issue.

Shortly, Guest Service Manager Wei Sheng turned up at our room. We thought he was going to give us an explanation on the complaint made. However, it turned out to be an accusation that we were making too much noises and only 2 guests were allowed. His approach and attitude was bad! Not only did he appeared stuck up, he also sounded extremely rude! After a few exchanges of words, the security stepped in to apologize on his behalf and they left.

This really shocked us as his service attitude was way beyond words! His professionalism was uncalled for and this really compromised the 5* service that W Singapore has to offer.

About 5-10 minutes later, my guests and I decided to go up and look for Wei Sheng as the guest next door didn’t stop making rowdy noises. We approached Wei Sheng as we wanted to know what can he do for us. He offered us 2 choices whereby firstly, we continue to stay at our Away room at our OWN risk or secondly, downgrade to a lower category room. We chose the latter as we didn’t want our safety to be compromised during our sleep. Although towards the end, he did apologized to us, however, we didn’t think what he offered was justifiable as he didn’t provide us a room equivalent to the category of Away room and expect us to still pay for the room with a mere 15% discount which is only the taxes when we explained that the plunge pool could no longer be utilize due to the safety and hazard caused by the guests next door.

With the help of my guests, we shifted to the lower category fabulous room at 2AM. Upon checking out, we spoke to two other Guest Service Managers and they couldn’t do anything more about it except for the waiver of taxes. When asked what’s their service recovery, they mentioned they had none of it. None for a 5* hotel? We were in total shock and utter disappointment more so after hearing that it was out of their control and they couldn’t do anything about this. The entire birthday was ruined and this was a disastrous experience staying at W Singapore.


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