Dear A.S.S,

I wasn’t exactly a bright kid in school, or rather I wasn’t good at memorizing. Nevertheless, I made an effort to study when I was a student at a local Polytechnic and graduated with an GPA of very close to 3.7.

“That’s not bad what!”
“Where are you studying now? NUS? NTU? SMU?”
“All local universities reject you? Did you appeal? Are you reapplying? I
know people with lower GPA entering!”
“Your GPA so high, what a waste!”

These questions and comments are what I had to deal with following my graduation 3 years ago. Yes, I was rejected by NUS, NTU & SMU for 3 consecutive years without been given an interview chance. I applied for relevant courses, courses which require lower GPA, got help with my essays and whatever else I could think of.

Apart from the BIG 3, I applied for other local universities such as SIT. As opposed to the rest, I frequent SIT’s admission interview year-by-year but to no avail as I was rejected too in spite of a related diploma (business). To my dismay, my peers managed to wriggle in with GPAs significantly lower than mine (2.9-3.2), while others tantamount to my case suffered the same fate.

“Screw up during the interview?” Based on what my peers told me and on my own experiences, as it was a group interview and the ones who blanked out during the session managed to get an offer, it was rather baffling to hear of my inevitable outcome. Ostensibly, things affix to the government tend to view me with detestation.

Now at this point, some of you would suggest other alternatives I did not mention like SUTD, UNISIM, SIMGE, working to gain relevant experiences and try to apply again for the next intake etc. That’s not the point! The gist is how fucked this system is. Local universities discriminate us as we are nowhere smart enough in comparison with students with a GPA 0.1-0.2 higher than ours. On the contrary, everyone else thinks we have a bloody good result and would deserve no less.

A.S.S Contributor

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