September 12 2016, I left Hong Kong on board SQ001, Seat 56K at 8am to Singapore. I backup my photos just before the meals came. I was sitting at the window seat.

I kept my laptop in my bag stow it under my seat. I couldn’t recall where I put my Western Digital Wireless Portable HD (Silver and Black color), could be on the floor or the seat pocket as I was too tired. After the meals I fell asleep all the way til the plane landed in Singapore around noon. I woke up, took my bag and disembark the plane.

I only found out when it was missing after I reached home. Reported to Lost and Found Services, my case no. is LLP SQ 19502. They have checked but it could not be found.

Contents of the HD contains all my on going projects and completed ones. Of course my Hong Kong photos from the trip.

Pls do what it need to be done when traveling to make photos. Bring spare HD to back up or buy many SD cards.

Don’t end up like me. I was careless.

Hope one day it will return to me.

Thank you everyone for all the advices, concerns and went extra miles to help me.

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