My life is getting really interesting, this is my second encounter this year with Singaporeans that experienced tremendous stress and is now crazy and mentally retarded.

The story goes that I boarded bus 241 and then I saw a seat, well shit always happen when I saw a seat. Then I sit down la of course, but I felt something was amiss when the one sitting beside me was a Chinese lady holding on to a broken bike chain, which is PERFECTLY normal ah, I didn’t think much about it because maybe she bike stealer which is common in Singapore also.

When I was about to alight from the bus and stand up from my seat, I felt a sharp poke on the right side of my torso. I looked at her and that bitch was shanking me with the broken bike chain! I was like what the fuck, I only bring 15 dollars and you want rob me in daylight inside a bus is it? Then she mumbled some shit like she about to summon satan and I told her that she is crazy and she needs to be locked in IMH, then she continued to whack my arm and my head with the bike chain, damn I’m glad I survived that shit, I can probably survive a bear attack too. After that she said I molested her, like wtf nigga I told her that she so ugly I blind also I won’t touch until her, I put her inside a cell full of serial rapist they rather rape other rapists sial.

If she has a dick then I’d probably punch her, but too bad the dick on her face ah, I was lucky to have a Malay uncle accompany me outside the bus to share my concern about society when we have such crazy people lurking around whacking people with bike chain, thanks uncle for listening to me.

I’m expecting to encounter another crazy person the next month but this time he’ll probably whack me with a motorcycle helmet.

My life sucks, from young kena whack by mother now grow up kena whack by strangers.

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