Hi Bros and Sis please help me to find this owner out… Driving a honda stream SGR8660P..Incident happend infront KFC of woodlands point. This honda stream owner park his vehicle on a one way road blocking the way when my dad wants to drive thru.

Therefore my dad give him a horn to alert him and notice the driver was not in the vehicle. Few mins later driver came by and ask my dad to wait as he was doing something. He then walk towards his vehicle taking his OWN SWEET TIME having no intention to leave immediately as he was still standing outside his vehicle. Which is when my dad gave him a 2nd horn.

Upon giving him the 2nd horn, he thinks that this road was owned by his father road he walks towards my dad vehicle and ask my dad can u wait in a un-polite manner. My dad say no because he was in a rush back due to wee hours. Or rather anyone would have said no im sure.

This ball-less honda stream owner then ask my dad out from dad. Without understanding the reason for the rush he gave me dad 2 punches on his face. EH COME ON IF U GOT THE BALLS PICK SOMEONE OF YOUR OWN SIZE. After punching he went back to his vehicle and drove off.. NOW WHY I CALL U BALL-LESS you should know. WHY DROVE OFF??? AFRAID OF POLICE???

Helplessly my dad n sister has to call for police and settle this issue.

I’m posting on facebook reason to find out this ball-less owner have some guts come out and apologize to my dad. You are in the wrong and you have the cheek to wack a 55years old man.

Remember what goes around comes arounds…

Mr Chong
A.S.S. Contributor

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