I was offered a 3 months contract job in a local construction company which is fully owned by China PRC, now a citizen, and run the China way. All my full time colleagues are China PR. I am the only local contract staff there to replace a PR who was on maternity leave. During my 3 months, I was surprise that 4 individual PR have applied for citizenship and was all approved. Do we really need all these citizen ?

1. 50 plus couple with a son. Son completed NS and becomes a citizen. PR couple applied citizenship and was approved. Meanwhile son went oversea to study and get PR from other country.

2. Malaysian PR married China woman. China woman become dependent PR. Give birth to a baby (Malaysian) and the mother decided to work. After 1.5 years of work, she applied for citizenship with her son (husband remain as Malaysian PR) and was approved. I was surprise that she no need to apply as a family entity. Why is it that she can applied as individual?

3. The lady colleague whom I replace her duty while she was on maternity leave is also a PR. She was involved with a Singaporean married man and was pregnant with his child. She applied for citizenship because she is having a Singapore baby. Her application was approved n is now a citizen .

4. China PR couple worked in Singapore for 15 years. Gave birth to 1 kid in China n brought up in China. At the age of 7, brought the kid over to study in our local school. As the fees were higher. The mother decided to apply for citizenship with the daughter Coz fees will be cheaper . Both were granted citizenship but the husband does not want to apply. Second case of ICA approving individual as citizen even though their spouse is not keen to be citizen.

Even we buy house, we need to have family nuclear or as an entity . I do not understand why to apply citizenship can be so simple. Are we really so desperate to hit our 7 million or can we really slow down the issuance of citizenship.

A.S.S. Contributor

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