As I have related a number of times, way before Nigerian scams were known:

In 1984, I sub rented a room from. Nigerian man, Joe Okoye Obote, and his very young Singaporean Chinese wife. They had rented the two-bedroom flat in a point block. I did not know Joe had duplicate keys to my room.

The wife was still studying in Perth, and on the final evening before she flew back by the midnight flight, as we washed dishes together, I casually and innocently said: So you and Joe will be separated for some time. She replied: I trust Joe 100%.

The very next morning I came out of my room to find Joe and a Chinese prostitute having breakfast at a table directly outside my room. He had picked up this PRC on the way home, after seeing his wife off at the airport.

The food on the table looked like it was prepared from ingredients that I had purchased and kept in the fridge. I checked and true enough, my food was gone. I said nothing about it.

There were a few minor incidents after that.

The final straw came when I returned home from work, and found a HiFi sound set, a new makeup palette from Helena Rubinstein and some hundreds of dollars I had tucked in between my clothing….all gone!

I raised hell! I called the police. The owner of the flat, whom I had ever met, came. Joe’s Chinese father-in-law came. I told the senior citizen, with Joe sitting right beside him, what had happened with the PRC prostitute and told him to beware of Joe.

Those were the days before email and such. I have no idea what happened to Joe or the marriage and that sweet trusting Singaprean girl. By now, they must both be in their early fifties IF they are still together.Through the years, I have googled the name that has been permanently etched into my memory: Joe Okoye Obote, with no results.

Sarah Leong
A.S.S. Contributor

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