The pre-show announcement spoke in rhyme about how a piece of art tore three friends apart. Each sentence became more entertaining the next, setting up the crowd for the supposed lighthearted tone of the comedic drama.

What we got next was an unexpected mediation from the hidden dynamics of friendship that stems out of differing personalities and conflicting interests. What started as simply buying an absurdly expensive piece of modern art turns into a full blown argument between the two hardheaded friends, Marc and Serge.

Their relationship falls apart because of hidden tensions between Marc and Serge that was not addressed as they matured through time. Even Yvan, the pacifist of the group, found it hard to manage the verbal fighting, sometimes becoming the target of anger when he literally steps in between the two men who got to a point of physically fighting each other.

The direction to bring out these tensions in friendships can be found in how deliberately forced their silences seem, and when the characters have their asides, the audience knows how much is hidden behind their body language.

Without spoiling too much, the three friends eventually do find a resolution to their conflict in a poetic way. It is a much watch if you’re feeling the need to laugh at the witty exchange, and a catharsis for those who are seeking a resolution for shaky friendships.

Dan Foo
A.S.S Contributor

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