I have a little story to share, to raise awareness and the lesson that I had learnt through this experience.

On the 3rd of August 2016, 1945hrs, a white BMW (SJU4421M) was driven by self-claim boss of I-Walker Automobile (WCEGA Plaza, #03-08) named Lim Poh Meng , Jeremy (NRIC:S6942042G) ran into the rear of my red car in Teban Gardens T-Junction lamppost #178. He then admitted that he was tired and wasn’t concentrating on driving and hence, the accident happened.

I decided to let him have a choice on how to settle this mishap. He suggested that we go to where he was staying at nearby (Teban Gardens Block 30) and discuss. Fully aware of the situation that he is in the wrong and would be liable for maximum claims through insurance and demerit points from the Traffic Police, plus fine. I pitied him and agreed.

He then suggested to take my car to his ‘workshop’ for the repairs. It’s located at No.14 Penjuru Rd, located right at the end. He would then bear the costs for a replacement car for me to use during the period of repair. He was honest about the repairs he is going to do for me (second hand parts that he got from another scrap car to replace whatever necessary). Pitied him again, i agreed.

The next day after I visited the hospital for my stiff neck (4 days MC), I went to his ‘workshop’. I requested to have a look around before I hand the car to him for repairs. To my surprise, his ‘workshop’ looks like a junkyard, operated by one old mechanic who was only fitted with Bermudas and slippers. I tried to not look down at the situation and still pitied him, and agreed. He repeated himself many times that he will do a good job on the repairs and everything will be fine and that I don’t need to worry. I drove off with the replacement car after convincing myself that everything will be fine too.

One month had passed, on the 3rd of September 2016, after the long patient wait, he then finally texted me to collect my car at his office (WCEGA, #03-08). I agreed, of course.

I re-inspected my car for the repairs before I collect it. Many things are not replaced except for my rear holding frame and cheaply repainted rear bumper. I saw a replaced holding frame welded to my original body under the hatch. All the fittings were not right, gaps are easily visible from afar. Hatch door closed with big gap. Interior of the hatch has no clips installed for holding the carpet, and carpet was not replaced with a big hole masked down by overlapping 2″ black wire tape. Rear lights ingress with water (it means no sealing property for repelling water/rain anymore).

I decided to not collect the car and that he finish his repairs first before returning it to me. He convinced me to send it over to his ‘workshop’ for minor adjustments and that the rented car was too expensive to let me use further. He promised me that he will fix all those and not to worry. Cut the story short, i collected my car and drove home.

Today, 4th September 2016, I returned from a wedding and spent a bit more time to look at the repairs. To my realisation, nothing was replaced at all. Everything was taped, glued, stickered and repainted over. Both rear lights (which broke as result of the accident) could not even be fitted properly. I called him and informed these, he got angry and hung up the phone on me.

I know this post is a bit lengthy but I have to have all the facts right before I start sharing and probably becomes viral everywhere.

What I’ve learnt from this is, if u get involved in ANY accident, settle it the legal way and do not fall for any pitiful faces or any promising words no matter how sincere they sound like. Call the police, ambulance (if there is any injuries), submit a report to IDAC and let your insurance company do the claims for u. Nothing less.

Pls share this post for awareness.

See the photos here: https://www.facebook.com/toshiorone/posts/10157437715745252

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