Dear A.S.S,

I’m the NS man in the post with title “Beware of this fare evading NSF! He has done it many times” in your website. I need to clarify something because I never want to evade fare in the past and also in the future.

so far I took almost 2 years NS, and took taxi every weekday morning, as the public transport need 1 and half hours plus from my home to the camp. My parents help me to pay morning taxi fare via online payment. For journey from camp to the home every evening, my parents didn’t allow me to take taxi. But I have some psychological issue and nervous in the crowd, so I often took taxi to avoid so many people in the public transport. Mostly I had enough money for taxi fare and pay directly. Sometimes I had no enough money and had to get money from my parents with some other excuse, and then paid taxi fare. Several times, the time for me to convince my mother to give my money was much longer, and when I got money and went downstairs, cab already not there.

I think I need to apologize for my mistake not pay taxi fare on time sometimes, and I am willing to borrow some money from parents to compensate for my mistake.

Can you help me for further clarification with public and the cab drivers?


A.S.S Contributor

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